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Suffer the little children to come to me


Across the country, it seems like everyone is up in arms about immigrants as well as refugees. Mostly, this is left just as a political issue. But for Christian believers, how to care for outsiders is a lot more than a policy issue.

A cursory reading through of the Old Testament, combined with a specific understanding of Christ’s cross in the New Testament, refers into question the contemporary approach to immigration among numerous Christians in our culture. In addition to sensible ignorance on this problem in the political sphere, our personal lives frequently reflect little concern for the sojourner in our midst

I don’t presume easy answers to any of the above; however I would like to offer to you , my activist listeners a chance to read the following article by Miles Smith of Mere Orthodoxy and see how far we have come from our original calling to love thy neighbor as thy self and let’s start a discussion on how we can turn this image of evangelicalism around


Rev Omar reyes

Immigrants being separated from their families!

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