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Anglican Gazette Episode 33 - The Post-Convention Wrap Up


In today’s episode of the Anglican Gazette, we talk about the latest news in the community. First in the list is Bishop Michael Curry’s state after his cancer surgery. Next is the new bishops that were recently consecrated for new dioceses, The Pope’s change in the Catholic Church’s Position on Death Penalty, the bad exegesis of Pastor Robert Jeffress, and

Diocese of Cuba rejoining the US-based Episcopal Church for reasons that involve resources.

Something to remember: Let’s all work together to make it work. This episode’s main story, the Episcopal church finally give access for same sex marriage — what does this mean and how will this be accepted throughout the community?


Podcast Show Notes:

  • 00:05 – Welcome to the Anglican Gazette
  • 00:32 – We apologise for the long publish!
  • 03:00 – First on our list, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry resting after cancer surgery
    • The bishop announced last week that he had decided on surgical treatment after a variety of tests
  • 04:03 – New bishops consecrated for new dioceses
    • The major steps in the journey towards the creation of the
      40th Province of the Anglican Communion, the Diocese of Chile
  • 05:33 – This next one is non-Anglican but still important — The Pope Changed the Catholic Church’s Position on the Death Penalty
    • Death Penalty deemed completely “inadmissible” and violative of the “dignity of the person”
    • The biggest problem with death penalty is violating human dignity — you are killing someone
    • Bad exegesis of Pastor Robert Jeffress regarding the death penalty
  • 09:51 – Diocese of Cuba rejoins the US-based Episcopal Church
    • The reason for rejoining
  • 12:03 – The main story — Episcopal church finally give access for same sex marriage
    • The most important thing that happened is Resolution B012, a compromise on the issue of granting Episcopalians across the country access to the liturgies, regardless of their bishops’ stance on gay marriage
    • The 8 dioceses that initially didn’t approve same sex marriage are: Albany, Central Florida, Dallas, Florida, North Dakota, Springfield, Tennessee and
      the Virgin Islands
    • The varied level of bishops’ acceptance
    • This issue has been dealt with for at least 20 years already — it’s time to put this to rest
    • Does the resolution undermine the bishops’ authority? — Yes and No. Listen why!
    • The most important thing is that there has been a decision already
    • Women’s ordination as an example
  • 24:47 – Thank you so much for listening!
  • If you have any comments, feedback, and/or questions, do not hesitate to email at
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